Technical & Academic Contributors: ( a partial list of our amazing volunteers)

  • Francis W.L. Esmonde-White, PhD - Founder, design, prototyping, testing

  • Marty Hedler - Design, CAD, i llustration, f abrication, p rototyping

  • Jeffrey Albers - Desi gn, 3D printing, testing

  • Lee Krieger - CAD, 3D printing

  • Lance Mueller - P roduct to market planning

  • Steve Haack - Print farm start up, production 3D printing and testing

  • Nick Oliverio - Print farm coordinator, product prototyping

  • Melissa Lemke - Consulting for human factors engineering, user-centered design, and user testing

  • Kirstin Hensley - Website and social media, prototyping

  • James Moon-Dupree - 3D printing

  • Brent Courson - Making things happen

  • Rupert Tull de Salis - I njection molding plan ning

  • David Kasper - Business in general as owner, innovator, and in-house legal counsel

  • Robert LaJeunesse - Electron ics design

Prototyping, Supply and Manufacturing Partners:

Collaborator s :